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EVENING GROOVE, Weekdays, 6:30pm-10pm

Presenter: Kingsley 'Drama' Ozegbe

This is our evening rush hour belt, and it encompasses a lot of exciting segments. We play mostly music and a bit of entertainment news at intervals within the first half hour of the show. Then calls are taken to get traffic updates from the listener. We also talk about the major events in their lives for the day.

Some of these segments are highlighted thus -

‘Professor English’ Game Show: The game is English- language based, and seeks to educate, as well as entertain. Callers are rewarded with music most of the time.

Wednesdays are tagged, ‘Crazy Question Wednesday’: We usually throw hilarious, and thought- provoking questions to the listener, and take their comments and reactions via calls and SMS. There’s plenty of music to mix it up.

Thursdays are for reconnection. This hour allows the listener to reconnect with people they might have lost contact with. They also get to hook up with persons of interest. ‘Double Play’ comes up too. We play two songs each from select artists.

On Fridays, ‘Trendy or Downdy’ comes on. We sample two songs from choice artists, and the listener gets the chance to critique and vote the one they think is the best.

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