Rosemary 'Deeva' Horsfal

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MONDAY12:15 pm2:00 pm
TUESDAY12:15 pm2:00 pm
WEDNESDAY12:15 pm2:00 pm
THURSDAY12:15 pm2:00 pm
FRIDAY12:15 pm2:00 pm

Break Time Show

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BREAK TIME SHOW (BTS), Weekdays, 12:15pm-2pm

Presenter: Rosemary 'Deeva' Horsfal

BTS is an interactive phone-in / message programme. The programme is a potpourri of different segments. Each day has its theme - Marvelous Monday, Trendy Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Funky Friday.

The show covers a variety of sub-plots like:

Tips - on health, food, family, etc.;

Entertainment - features stories and gossips on entertaining activities and events from the world of music, movies and other social activities;

Skill Acquisition - basically encourages youths and also educates them on varieties of small scale businesses they can invest in;

Music Shop/Quiz - mostly a call-in, highly interactive, full of fun, and laughter and excitement all through the brainstorming question and answer session;

Spotlight - projects and mirrors the life and style of trendy celebrities around the world;

En Vogue - highlights fashion, beauty, tips, and more;

Old Skool Request - a call-in and SMS segment that allows the listener to make a special shout-out and also request songs of yesteryears which would be played within or after the segment; and

Talent Hunt - encompasses arts platform to help grow the creative ingenuity of the youths in the country.

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