Unoma “Ommy” Akiti

Meet “Ommy”, the girl who ran away from A ‘Levels few weeks to her Law Exams because she was frigging scared of the epic failure looming ahead. She wasn’t just scared of failing but the prospect of living a miserable life as a Barrister kept her heart thudding. So she ran far from all the hype that comes with studying a “professional course”. She found safety in the University of Benin, where she studied her heartthrob, Mass Communication.

It’s been over 8 years she made that escape and not once has she regretted her decision. Her unrivaled passion for broadcasting led her to the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), where she got a professionally certified as a presenter. The Media and literary enthusiast also has a Certificate (Diploma) in Acting, from Lufodo Academy.

Unoma “Ommy” Akiti a go-getter with a contagious penchant for excellence, although her very friendly nature often presents her as one without a care in the world. But she does care, about the things that make her heart twirl – dazzling her listeners with her commanding and sensational voice, making a difference in her world, transforming lives with the beauty of her personality….Loving God like it’s the only thing in the world.

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