Gloria Britz Ibe

Ok, you are most welcome to the world of her Royal flyness, the only splufik Princess on radio B.R.I.T.Z now, everyone keeps on asking what’s the meaning of splufik…… Well, it’s a combination of sounds and wordplay, and this simply means, Splendid, Unique and Fantastic and truly these defines Britz.

Britz is the crazy girl from WafTown but hails from Imo state, a Computer Scientist, a Fashion Designer and yes a Radio Junkie

Yes, Radio…… she is an On-Air Personality, Newscaster, Producer and she loves good music and also a foodie….lool.

Well, Britz will always be Britz no matter what, always full of life and adventurous and her quote still remains “Stress less, Smile more because life’s too short”

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