The turn-table damager you know as DJ G Flex didn’t just come to be. It’s been an evolution of creative artistry, fierce fights, zealousness and passion to be the primus inter pares amongst Disc Jockeys.

    Stemming from deep-rooted roots in the West axis of Southern Nigeria, Gbadebo Oluwafemi endeared himself to the reveling sounds of Jockey mixes rampant in Lagos especially in the early 2000s under the mentorship of his uncle, ‘DJ Radeo’.

    The joy of handling vinyls and twitching the turntable knobs pushed him to go to various shows just to watch the DJs scratch.

    At age 13, DJ G Flex started winning some gigs for himself, playing at school parties, fast food joints, night clubs, house parties before eventually switching to mainstream Broadcast Disc Jockeying on Radio stations in Lagos.

    G Flex is solely a product of Zeal, hustle, constant practice, online tutorials, and self-belief.

    Hi, I am DJ G Flex, the Turntable Damager on Trend 100.9fm, catch me on weekdays (Thursday’s Totori Music, 4:05 – 6Pm) and Fridays for best of Naija tunes on Club Naija, 10PM – 12AM.




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