Kamsy Thrill Okafor

Hmmm, I see you have pried into my business. Welcome aboard. Well, I am the name and face behind the ‘Radio-Thrill’ that dazzles your airwaves on 100.9 TREND FM.

Born in the South-Eastern part of the largest black community on Earth, I love the art of broadcasting passionately due to my heavy exposure to radio and television right from a tender age.

If you have heard me at least once on Trend FM, you will agree that your Radio Thrill is a fun freak, music enthusiast, ardent goal-getter with an incurable attraction to ingenious media content.

I believe so much in the power the girl child wields, hence I don’t fail to always speak for and motivate her female folks.

Want to know how much I really know? Feel free to share in my aura of versatility on social media; slide into my DM and we would talk about it over a bottle of red wine

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